How is Firewalking Possible?

Firstly we have never had an accident and never will because of the way we train and set up the fire lane(s). We are very proud of our 100% safety record and 100% participation record. So your feet are absolutely fine in our hands.

Quite simply fire walking has a high ‘perceived risk’ for the participants but when run by experienced professionals just like A Secret Hero it is 100% safe & low risk.

The origin of fire walking dates back several thousand years from North India to the East. It’s believed to be mystical or spiritual; however in more recent times in the West the act of walking barefoot over hot coals and we believe it is simply explained with physics.


1. Wood is burned to produce hot coals, these generate great heat but are extremely poor conductors of heat.

2. Walking quickly over these hot coals ensure that there will be insufficient time for the transference of heat from the coals to the soles of the feet.


3. Moisture/ sweat from the soles also help to disperse some contact heat and finally as an extra safety measure at least one of the A Secret Hero fire team will ALWAYS WALK over the hot coals FIRST !!