Corporate Teams / Charities Fundraising / Motivational Events

A Secret Hero Firewalk challenge is one our most popular events.

Is this the ultimate corporate team building or charity fundraising event? Walk barefooted over 1100°F (600°C) of red hot coals. Dare to be brave. Conquer fears and safely walk. Our pre-walk-talk is lively, entertaining, interactive fun.

We bring everything to you. All our years of experience our 100% safety record, full insurance, tools and equipment, we even bring a bucket load of laughs for you to use in our pre walk talk. Free of charge (FOC).

Corporate: All our events are 100% tax deductible as they are classed as a service or training. You are guaranteed a successful extreme team building event, or a proven powerful way to raise money for your chosen charity.

Charity: What’s the cost? Technically its FREE the same procedure as a sponsored charity fun run, bungee jump or sky dive all the fees are paid directly from fundraising sponsorship. However our fees are a fraction of their entry costs.

All Secret Hero events are LOW FEE HIGH RETURN events. We never receive or handle any of the sponsorship money directly; you choose the charity, we charge you a set fee. We take great pride in all our services offered to you, high value events but incredibly low costs.

Motivational Events: All our challenges are 2 in 1 events.1. The pre event talk/motivational training. 2. The physical activity.

We often have people hire us for our bespoke motivational talks only. The motivational trainers use accelerated learning techniques delivered in a modern humorous effective way, knowledge they have acquired over many years, via many courses from various countries. Contact us if you need motivational speaking seminars only.


Bookings are available all year. January – December.

Secure your preferred date or ask for more information. Contact us.


All our events are designed to look and sound extremely scary but are completely safe. The 4 FEAR based events are designed to challenge and stretch your comfort zones.
Our pre event talk will have you laughing and learning many fear busting transferable skills.

NOTE: We are very proud of our 100% safety and participation record


We travel to you, anywhere in the UK. We supply all the tools, equipment and insurance for safe fear based events.

Firewalking needs 2 areas only

1. Indoor area for the pre walk training of the firewalkers
2. Outdoor area Car park or garden required for the fire lane


How many participants? We cater for small and large groups. No individual too small and to date, no group to large, challenge us, contact us.


CAN’T keep your next challenge event secret…

Tell all and everyone. Online or offline, gloat and promote.

We can help you create an amazing, fun, extreme corporate team builder or charity challenge fundraising event


CAN keep your next challenge event secret….

Add to the excitement and keep it secret, tell the need to know only.

We can help you create an excellent secret- mission fun corporate team builder or charity fundraising event



Book an event to take place at your home, secretly, or tell everyone

Some restrictions may apply contact us for more details.

(Minimized group, maximized outcome) Our ‘Mini-Max’ stay and play at home extreme events are ideal for the smaller exclusive parties. Our smallest group was 1 person and the largest stay at home event so far is over 20. It’s your choice and our voice for a guaranteed positive experience.

With your PMA (positive mental attitude) and our PMA (positive mental action) we can create unique fun challenges with long lasting positive memories.


 A Secret hero what a fantastic team, made my family ‘n’ friends party so different and exciting.

Kids did LEGO walk and Boardbreak and we adults finished with a Firewalk.

 Nicki (A Secret Hero) Devon

 My 50th Birthday party with a difference can’t believe we all did a firewalk in my back garden.

A Secret hero made my party extra special, Thanks guys.

 Carol (A Secret Hero) Grimsby

A secret hero is the best charity fundraising specialists we’ve ever worked with.

Jason (A Secret Hero) Stoke

Thanks again A secret hero you were all great and made the day wonderful for us all, I will definitely recommend you.

Francesca (A Secret Hero) Manchester 

We raised thousands for my local charity so far, which is brilliant; Thank you a secret hero. Who are you guys?

Julie (A Secret Hero) Swansea

My team have already completed the firewalk and glasswalk challenge, but a secret hero LEGO walk, ouch!
It was so such a laugh and a great confidence builder

Abigail (A Secret Hero) Lincoln

Wow truly amazing boardbreak for our end of year global sales seminar. Thank you a secret hero.

Grahame (A Secret Hero) London

We were all really scared of the glasswalk but after the A secret hero pre walk training
talk. We all felt like we could do anything; it was surprisingly calm and chilled too.

Zoe (A Secret Hero) Brighton


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