About Us

We specialise in organising secret and not so secret fun motivational corporate team building, charity fundraising and private VIP party challenge events. However; about us is really all about you. Our aim is to help create positive powerful long lasting fun memories for you.

Our trainers can work with your existing managers, trainers and coaches to reinforce your company ethos and message; whilst delivering a LOL positive memorable event; and you choose the challenge finale.

We deliver 4 very different fundraising events and the LEGO walk is a fantastic way for younger people to get involved and feel included in an extreme challenge family fundraiser.

Private VIP parties:
We offer you and other unsung heroes a choice of SECRET or NON-SECRET fun based extreme motivational events. We travel to your chosen venue, pub, club or even your home to inspire and reward you and your group. Checkout our Mini-max event

Here are a few more secrets just for you; About us…

• We are a family run business and our family includes true and good close talented friends – If true friends are the family that you choose for yourselves, we feel honoured, lucky and truly blessed.

• Our collective experiences are vast and wide including over 20 years motivational speaking, business coaching, teaching, training and mentoring people.

• We are a highly trained group who travel to you to deliver extreme fear based challenges. We believe what we offer is more important than who we are.

• All our training is delivered with good old fashioned humour but in an effective modern way, so if you are looking for something different, a company who can deliver you a strong powerful positive message, or need to be challenged then book an event with us and we’ll help you and your group to achieve ‘progress over perfection’.

• We are the 1st company to offer MINI-MAX (Minimized group receiving a maximized events) exclusively to take place at your work, office, meeting room, social venues pub, clubs community hall, or even at your home. Our insurance covers the lot.With all our events we provide everything needed for an amazing challenge directly to you.

• Some people have said we are probably the UK’s best kept secret motivational company.

• We offer secret and not so secret motivational events, your choice with our voice

• We are very proud of our 100% participation and safety record.